Sunday, April 26, 2009


I love Penny Arcade.

One Plausible Scenario

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So call me a nerd...

It really wouldnt be the first time.

As many (if not all) of you know, Im a huge Harry Potter fan and not afraid to say it.  I dont think there is a book or series of books that has ever made me want to keep reading like these books have.  These books got a lot of kids, and not-kids, to read again.  That whole witchcraft / magic argument is something for another day.

To my point.  

The newest trailer for the newest film was recently released and I must say this looks to be the most true-to-the-book adaptation of the entire series (thus far).  Order of the Phoenix was pretty spot on, but there are only so many things you can put in a movie while other, 'less important', plot points get left by the wayside.  Im honestly not sure how they are going to fit all the important details in to the movie.  Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince are definitely the 'Empire Strikes Back' parts of the series.  Nothing is going at all how it should.  People die that just...well...shouldnt if we're being honest.  And all hope seems, not to sound cliche, lost.  There are a lot of ends that need to start thinking about being tied up in this book, so heres hoping they put forward a good effort.

Heres the most recent trailer.  If it doesnt get you at least a little excited, I just dont know what will.

I love this song

Im not exactly sure what award these guys should win, but it should  be block shaped.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey! I know that guy!!

Once upon a time I worked at the UPS Store.

Once upon that same time I worked with a guy named Scott Kirkpatrick.

Once upon that exact same time he was starting up a little band called 'Chemic'.

I heard some of their stuff that he would bring in to work and throw in the CD player and thought they were really good.  Little did I know that they would "blow up" as big as they have.  Theyre pretty popular around these Louisville parts, and good to boot.

They recently did a live session for Laundro Matinee.

Heres the link.  You should check em out.