Friday, July 2, 2010

New month, new band pt. XIII

The Black Angels

I think we may have discovered time travel. If The Black Angels didn't come directly out of the late 60's - early 70's then I'll eat my shoes. I've been a fan for quite a while now, I just never got around to sharing their music in this forum. I haven't yet figured out what sort of 'mood' you have to be in to listen to The Black Angels. Depressed immediately springs to mind, but just as quickly I have to dismiss it because it wouldn't work. Angry doesn't work either...happy? I'm going to go with you having to be in an 'on drugs' sort of mood. This band almost makes me want to dabble in mind-altering substances just to fully understand what's going on in most of their songs (...almost...). Regardless of mood, I think most people will find something they like about these guys. They have a 'drone machine' for crying out loud! I don't even know what a drone machine is, but I can hear it in every song. If you want to be droned at (and 'drone' is the perfect single word to describe this band) then sit back, relax, grab some hallucinogens and enjoy.