Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bret, do you even pay any attention to the cup roster?

It really doesnt get much funnier than these guys.

You know you've done it...

I was on Digg earlier and I came across this headline:

It was one of those that you just have to click on so you can see if you really are guilty of said thing(s).

I have to say it was pretty accurate.  As the list counted down I became, almost laughably, more and more guilty.  Ill give you a quick run-down of my list.

#9:  I wouldnt be guilty of this, but it turns out I played (play actually) Fallout 3 and yes, I have recently started picking up every single thing I can find which isnt a small task.  You can pick up almost anything.  Coffee mugs, clip boards, baseball bats, pencils, portable launchers for nuclear warheads...anything.

#8: This one I am actually not guilty of, if only for the fact that Ive never played Animal Crossing.  Sorry.

#7:  Im not as guilty of this as some (Brian).  There were a few times I didnt have multiple saves while playing through a Final Fantasy and it came back to bite me.  There have been times, however, when Ive made sure to save it so I can go back and punch someone in the face and not have to pay the price.  :)

#6: YOU CANT JUST LEAVE THE GUNS LYING AROUND!!  Its free ammo!!! Of course Im going to pick it up!

#5: Oh yes yes yes.  Ive unloaded on my share of Metroid doors knowing full well they open with just one shot.

#4: Hahahahahahahaha....yes....just....yes....

#3: Honestly, who hasnt?

#2: This goes back to #6.  If its there Im going to pick it up, even if I have to use one of the same thing to do it Im going to pick it up.

#1: I have never been more guilty of anything.  I cant even begin to think about counting the number of boss doors Ive jumped through.  If you havent then you just havent lived.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fashion is Danger

I took a break from Decembering to bring you a new video from our friends Flight of the Conchords.  Im sad I dont have HBO which means I cant watch the new season, but that just means Ill have to get it on DVD whenever it comes out.

They make the 80's even more hilarious than it already was.

Posing...posing at the bar.
Posing...posing sitting down.
Posing...posing in the distance.
Posing...posing with my arm.
Posing...posing with my leg.
Posing...posing like a swan.
Posing...posing for a portrait.

(I love it!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Live broadcast from SXSW WHAT?!

UPDATE! Here is a link to the recording of the show.  ENJOY! 

While listening to the new album with headphones on and tunes blasting, I was surfing our fair internet when I discovered there would be a live broadcast from SXSW (thats the South by Southwest Music festival for the uninitiated) of 'The Hazards of Love' in its entirety.

I'll be taking a break from listening to the album to listen to the album.


(Yes its apparently at 1 AM, so 11 in Texas? Possibly 10? Who cares its the freaking Decemberists!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Hazards of Love

So I dont think Ive ever been quite as excited about an album as I am about the newest from the Decemberists.

(This is a dramatization)

Then I heard it came out early on iTunes.

I peed a little in my pants, truth be told.

I'll now listen to said album and be back later with what I think.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diggnation on Late Night

Sorry I havent updated this bad boy for a whopping 6 days (I still consider this Wednesday)! The truth of the matter is that I really havent thought about it.  Terrible, I know.

Now, however, I do have something to say.

I watched 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' tonight.  Its only the second time Ive ever seen it (its only been on 7 other times), and Im still not sure how I feel about it.  But Im not here to talk about the show Im here to talk about the show.  This episode anyway.  Tonight his guests were Russel Brand (hilarious as only a british person can be) and our friends Kevin and Alex from Diggnation.

Let that blow your mind for a second.

OK.  I dont know if Im the only one, but I find it amazing that a couple of dudes that sit on a couch and talk about news stories on the internet have made it on a late night talk show.  This is definitely a huge step for all us nerds everywhere.  I can appreciate what Jimmy is trying to do with this show.  He knows who his audience is: the 20 - 30 somethings that grew up with the internet and are big fat nerds.

It was nice to see some fellow geeks on national television, and I hope to see more follow in Jimmy's footsteps.

Also some more nerd links: Project Lore (for you WoW nerds (I know I already linked it)) and The Totally Rad Show (basically a review show for everything from TV shows to comic books).  Check 'em out!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I dont know if you all have any podcasts you follow (Richard listening to / watching one about Legos immediately springs to mind) but I have one to recommend.

Ive been following Diggnation for quite a while now. I used to watch our buddy Kevin Rose on The Screen Savers (best show to have ever been on TV in my honest opinion) and after he left he started some web series. He did 'The Broken' for a while, it was along the lines of hacking XBox's and ways to get free software. Then he started Diggnation. I take that back, he started Digg.

"Diggnation covers some of the hottest user-submited stories from the social news website digg.com, thats D-I double G dot com."

Basically what Im getting at here is this. If you dont follow a podcast, you should watch Diggnation (being a nerd helps in this situation so, Tabitha, you probably wont like it ^_^ ).

Heres the latest episode.

Also, Alex does another podcast called Project Lore you (Brian / Jeff) should check out. This one requires you to be even more nerdy (once again...Tabitha...(its Warcraft)).

Enjoy, or dont, its a free freakin country!

(Edited the post because of the mouse thing, you all know what Im talking about!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is a serious song!

Im going to see Death Cab for Cutie when they come to Louisville in April ('I cant wait' doesnt even begin to describe it). Ill be the first to admit, at the start I didnt like them. I just thought it was some guy whining about losing his girlfriend and being lonely. Oh how wrong I was. Sure thats what a lot of their songs are about but they do it so...well. It makes you almost feel sad for the people Ben sings about, though not the singer himself (Ill never forgive you for this Gibbard!).

Anyway, I was watching some Decemberists videos on YouTube, which is how most of my YouTubing time is spent, and I came across some Ben Gibbard videos. Dont ask how it happened just go with me here. He, apparently, is a man who likes his covers. Who among us doesnt, I ask you? I found this little gem among a pile of other gems.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Hey, you know who gets on my nerves?


All he does is steal my blog posts and call them his own.

Man I hate that guy.

Ruby Isle

Wanting to stay away from anything on the internet that has already been snatched away by Richard, I found this video on youtube of a band called Ruby Isle that seems to rather enjoy covering every song I like.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mystical Cat

funny pictures of cats with captions

Mystical Cat gives me the giggles.