Friday, December 4, 2009

New month, new band pt. VII

Freelance Whales

I thought I would get this in a little earlier in the month than my previous attempt. Like I said before, I have a few that Im sitting on so Im covered for at least a few more months as far as these recurring posts are concerned.

This month we look at my new buddies Freelance Whales. I discovered these guys in a way I havent discovered any other band before. Word of mouth is a big piece of my music-finding puzzle, followed by searching on my own for things I havent heard yet, followed further still by seeing a post of a youtube video of a band I havent yet heard of on a friend's Facebook page by the brother of said friend's wife. At least those are the top three ways, Im sure there are others... Regardless, I listened to the song that was posted and immediately fell in love with these guys. Theyre from New York which bumps them up several spaces in my book already. They tend to mix it up, which I like, from song to song. 'Starring' sounds to me like Owl City should. Electronic beats beating and happy sounding lyrics make me dream of The Postal Service (without stealing their sound directly *glare at Owl City*). Then, you find yourself listening to something like 'Broken Horse' which is more on the folky side. As with all the bands I throw up here, I think its better if you just listen so here you go: