Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New month, new band pt. IV

St. Vincent

I rather enjoy doing this. It makes me go out of my way to find new music every month.

This month we look at St. Vincent. Simply going by the name I wouldnt have expected what I got when I started listening. I was greeted by the voice of the lovely Annie Clark with her bushy black hair and big beautiful eyes. While the latter two add little or nothing to the sound of the music, Im glad I know they exist. A fact that Im reminded of often as her face is plastered prominently on the front of her latest album 'Actor'. She has a unique sound, Ms. Clark. Her voice would lead you to believe that her lyrics are harmless and innocent when, in fact, the opposite is sometimes true. 'The Bed' is a perfect example:

"We're sleeping underneath the bed
To scare the monsters out
With our dear daddy's Smith and Wesson
We've got to teach them all a lesson

Don't move
Don't scream
Or we will have to shoot"

I didnt know what I thought about her at first, but having listened to 'Actor' several times through Ive become quite the fan. I may also have a bit of a crush... :)

Here are just a few songs of hers:

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