Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New month, new band pt. X

Mumford and Sons

I honestly cant get my head around the fact that we're at number 10 on our journey. I have yet to find out where this journey will have us end up, probably nowhere, but its not about the destination is it? (At least thats what I learned in school...on Fridays...in the cafeteria...)

I would bet that several people could guess what this month's band was going to be. Yes, ladies and gentleman, its non other than Mumford and Sons. These guys were recommended to me by a friend of mine (Tabitha (also not Joel or Richard)). As soon as I listened to the song I was referred to I was hooked. They hail from England and, at least in my opinion, take the American bluegrass sound and give it a British twist. You can definitely here the British influences in their music, but you can equally as well hear the American. Im having a hard time deciding which songs to post so I think I'll go with some of the lesser known ones...or maybe not.

Listen and enjoy, children.

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