Friday, June 19, 2009


I havent been on many adventures recently, which is truly a shame as I quite enjoy them. The adventures of the 'late night' variety tend to be the best, at least in my opinion.

I did have a bit of one tonight...

"Oh no!" Kurtis exclaims as he is leaving his place of employment, "I needed to get freon for my cars AC! Whatever will I do?!" He ponders the situation for some time, then, hoping beyond hope that they have it, decides to go to WalMart. "Surely they will have an item such as this in their auto department" he says to himself.
Arriving at WalMart he quickly leaves his car behind and makes the long journey across the parking lot to the entrance. There are no greeters present which immediately worries him, but he shakes it off, his mind set on his goal. "Where is the auto department" he wonders. "I cant ask anyone as I am a male and therefore incapable of accepting directions". Being a male, however, he quickly finds what he is looking for. A large sign on the wall displaying the words "Auto Care".
Success is close at hand! He can feel the cool metal of the cans of 134a refrigerant, smell the toxic fumes and there! On a shelf in the back, displayed proudly, he sees them. "Two should be enough" he thinks "then again last time I required three, nay, almost four!" He ponders his predicament for only a moment, he hasnt any time to waste. Like lightning he scoops up three cans and turns to make his way out.
He doesnt notice the danger lurking around the corner. He never thought that there would be someone else in the Auto Care department at WalMart at nigh around midnight. Then it happened. Where the man came from, Kurtis will never know but there he was. From around the end of the isle...he came. Quicker than a cobra strike...he came. Kurtis dodged. The man froze in his tracks nearly dropping the windshield wipers he was carrying. "Excuse me, didnt see you coming!" the man said, with panic in his voice. "No problem" Kurtis replied, trying to regain a good grip on his loot.
He quickly realized hed been distracted from his goal: the checkout. Standing in line he felt rather awkward. Everyone else had groceries or other useful household items but he, he was carrying three cans of automotive refrigerant. His phone vibrated in his pocket. "Ive received a message!" he exclaims (not aloud because even he knows he would look rather foolish), it simply reads 'it is like the most random time of day to purchase that'. Agreeing with a chuckle, he replies. Then he saw that the man in front of him was buying two fishing poles and felt slightly better. No sooner had he spotted fishing pole man it was his turn to check out.
He placed the cans on the counter and greeted the cashier. "Find everything alright?" she asked. He hadnt the heart to tell her that the 134a was actually quite difficult to locate, or that he had almost been killed by the man with the windshield wipers. He simply replied "yep". The cashier was quick and courteous, within seconds the cans were in a bag and ready for departure. Kurtis picked up his spoils and made for the exit but not before snapping a photograph as proof of his triumph.


Kate said...

Haha. Much like my adventure tonight when I went solely for a battery and oil to bring my dead car back to life.

Nice blog!

Richard Peckinpaugh said...

So, green gas = propane. And aparently 134a gas = freon. What a fast one you've pulled on us airsoft!