Sunday, June 28, 2009

The greatest music video of all time

Ive seen this before, but I cant remember when or where. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I completely forgot about it until just now.

I give you the greatest music video of all time (plus my second by second analysis / commentary).

(Start greatest music video of all time)
Welcome to Chicago, home of the most famous musicians of all international superstar Jan Terri.
(0:17) Nice lens flare.
(0:30) Limo driver guy eases on to his mark, hes got the touch.
(0:41) 'No maam, I will not open the door for you, I will block it and hand this over-paid extra your suitcase.'
(0:47) Limo guy didnt understand what 'dont look at the camera' meant.
(0:51) Seriously, dont look at the camera.
(0:56) When youre as big a star as international superstar Jan Terri, causing traffic jams is expected.
(1:12) Get ready for vocal solo.
(1:14) Is that a vocal solo or a yawn? I know Im bored.
(1:31) The camera man, being unable to focus on our star for more than 15 seconds at a time, now takes a sweeping city shot.
(1:45) This man is a rebel without a cause. You can tell by the sunglasses, leather jacket, and the kickstand being down. Hes too rebellious to hold up his own bike.
(1:51) Oh no! Just when you think he cant get any more rebellious, hes parked in a no parking zone. Way to step up to the plate.
(1:53) Where can I get a perm like that?
(2:02) The bad girl rock star and bad boy biker are now together. International superstar Jan Terri waves at thousands of very real (not non-existent) fans.
(2:04) 'Hey is that your career flying away in the wind?'
(2:06) 'Yes...yes it is.' *grin*
(2:20) Back to the lakeside shot complete with sewage pipe.
(2:34) Camera guy, due to sheer boredom, falls asleep at the helm for a few terrifying seconds.
(2:36) Shes coming for you camera guy.
(2:56) The time he allows for the phone to ring is longer than the time allowed for the entire conversation.
(3:07) Again with the yawning.
It seems we have an airport. Could international superstar Jan Terri be leaving rebellious biker boy behind?
(3:23) Film School 101: use the zoom function on your terrible camera as much as possible.
(3:32) Aaaand back in.
(3:48) How dare limo driver guy make international superstar Jan Terri carry her own luggage?!
(3:58) International superstar Jan Terri only flies United.
(4:11) International superstar Jan Terri's plane flies majestically off into the distance only to be quickly obscured by a street light and dying landscaping.
(End greatest music video of all time)


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wow....idk where you get this stuff (besides the obv Youtube), but it

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