Saturday, August 1, 2009

New month, new band pt. III


Its August boys and girls, and that can only mean one thing: our next installment of the "New month, new band" series. (Im not really sure if this is popular or not...then again I guess I dont really care. Its my freaking blog dangit!)

This month we have a merry band of frenchies called Phoenix. I have to admit, if the French can do anything right its produce good bands, so thats another notch to add on the belt, right after "Avoid and/or retreat from all conflict" and "Make good toast". Im not really sure how to describe the bands sound as I dont know if there is a word for it (Im kind of lost as far as all the genres (pronounced: jon-ruhs, you know who this is for) go anymore). Theyre a bit Franz Ferdinand-esque. Thats the best Ive got. Honestly though, I think they speak better for themselves, so without further adieu...

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