Thursday, August 13, 2009

A week?!

Has it truly been a week since last I sent forth my thoughts to run a-muck on these pages? So it would seem.

It was a weekend filled with frivolity of many sorts, not the least of which were two performances of some note.

Saturday was a typical 'wake up and go play airsoft' day. When we were done frolicking on the woods, however, we headed downtown to see a friend of mine's band (A Mourning Rain) play.

Honestly, and to my everlasting shame, I had never seen them play before. Holy crap. I guess Ill start at the beginning so as to not leave anything unsaid. We made our way downtown to the little coffee shop in the late afternoon. It was a muggy day, to be sure. Upon our arrival at said coffee shop the bands front (and rather handsome) man greeted us with some disheartening news. They would not be playing when they had originally planned. One of the people that was to be playing at this particular show had backed out then, at the last minute, decided that he would like to play after all. After much grumbling on all our parts we decided to walk around looking for a gas station until the time came for the show to start. Approximately two bands later, we arrived back at the coffee shop with time to spare. We made our way inside the shop (sans air conditioning) and found a place to stand. Sounds checked and mics in place, they started to play. I had heard their album and thoroughly enjoyed it, but seeing it live was a completely different affair. Any band that can have me take my belt off in the middle of their set so that I may play along with one of their songs gets a hearty thumbs up in my book. If your travels ever bring you to Louisville, I cannot recommend these kids highly enough. Go see them.

The following day was a typical wake up, head to church, out to eat, kind of day. Somewhere in the mix we decided that it may be a good idea to go see a movie. GI Joe was the original choice (I wasnt the biggest fan of this idea). Eventually it became clear that everyone would rather see "(500) Days of Summer". Let me just state here and now that this is, without a doubt, one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. I tend to say that about a lot of things. "This is the best _______ Ive ever had in my life", "That is the greatest _________ I have ever heard in my life", etc. This movie, though, really does fall into that category. Obvious things first, the acting was great, the humor was perfect for us indie nerds, and the soundtrack was incredible. The story is happy and sad all at one time. Its hard to explain, really. Its definitely worth whatever a movie ticket costs these days. Go see it.

Monday was the day I had been waiting for for a long, long time. The Decemberists came to town and my excitement could only be matched by that of a young child come Christmas morn. I worked early that day so I would have time to make it to the venue. I arrived at the theater with plenty of time to wander around. I found the tour buses but wasnt near man enough to stand, tip-toed, to see in the window hoping to spot a passing Colin Meloy or Shara Worden. I went inside and spotted the 'merch table'. It was the perfect opportunity, as I had arrived more than an hour early, and there were hardly any patrons there purchasing wares. I bought a t-shirt (a rather awesome t-shirt if I do say so myself) only to find out later that the only other people that purchased this same shirt were females. Not letting this realization get me down, time passed quickly and it was soon time to head in for the show. The theater was smaller than I thought, which was advantageous as we were seated in the balcony yet still had great seats. The opening act was a band called Blind Pilot. If youre reading this and havent yet heard Blind Pilot I cant recommend them highly enough. As they only have one album I knew every song they played but one which, as it turns out, was a new song. Imagine that.

Then the time had finally arrived. The roadies were testing equipment and setting out instruments. A lot of instruments. I mean...a LOT of instruments. The set began with Jenny coming out to her organ to play the introduction. Other dark silhouettes made there way out, each to a roar of applause. The bespectacled Mr. Meloy came into view and I thought, if only for a moment, that I might faint. And so it began. They played the entire Hazards of Love album from beginning to end. No stopping, no breaks, just one song right into the other. It was truly a sight to behold. After the album was finished and the cheers erupted, we were instructed to stay where we were because they would be returning for yet another set. In my seat I sat, or rather I stood because I was on too much of a high to sit down. Thirty minutes passed in the blink of an eye and they were back for more. This time it was more like a concert you would expect. In between playing songs, Colin would be telling us stories or any number of other hilarious things. We heard many of our old favorites, a Yankee Bayonet duet with Shara (definitely one of the highlights of my life), and a new song which was fantastic (no surprise there). They even did a Heart cover. The night was topped off by The Decemberist Family Players telling us the tragic tale of Seabiscuit. Basically it was a story made up entirely off Colins head that ended with a giant meteor striking the Kentucky Derby and destroying the entire state as well as most of the continental United States.

Honestly, I have never been to a better concert in my life, and Ive been to some good concerts. The only show that may be better is when I go see them again in October (or should I say "ROCKTOBER!!"). Go see them!

All in all it was a pretty great weekend. I got to see some friends that I dont get to see all the time, even make new ones, and I got to go to some great concerts.

And now theres news of Sufjan Stevens in September?! YES PLEASE! Its my month for goodness sake!

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