Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New month, new band pt. VIII

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Here I am, posting our new band for the month at the end of said month. I dont mean to post these so late, but that just seems to be how things happen to work out.

This month we go across the pond yet again (see New month, new band pt. III), this time to Scotland, to meet a band called We Were Promised Jetpacks. I started hearing about this band not too long ago. Just about the time that I started to hear the name via word-of-mouth I started to hear their single (Quiet Little Voices) playing on the radio. I was a little nervous. I thought this was going to be another case of hearing a single on the radio and assuming the rest of the album is just as good only to find that it is, in fact, terrible. I took a risk, bit the bullet as it were, and decided to get the album based on a few YouTube videos and 30 second iTunes clips. I must say, the gamble paid off. These guys are fantastic. Ive found that Ive become less and less a fan of "loud" music. Im more of a Folk person, but I really dont mind that these guys play loud guitar riffs and yell at me from time to time.

So, for future reference, if you're Scottish you can yell at me any day of the week.

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