Friday, February 20, 2009

Sea of Sound

I think we take for granted the amount of music we can carry around in our pockets these days. I know I do. I was driving to work today and decided I would hit "shuffle songs" on my iPod and see where Id end up. The first few songs were to be expected. A few Modest Mouse and White Stripes tracks, since my collection seems to be dominated by them, at least in the sheer number of songs. Followed by Colin Meloy singing to me about the Shankill Butchers and how if I dont mind my mothers words then a wicked wind will blow my ribbons from my curls just before a collective moan, followed swiftly by a just-as-collective shake.

Im all about Isaac Brock informing me of 3 inch horses as well as two faces monsters. And Im all about Jack White melting my face with his...well...face-melting guitar solos, and just as equally all about Mr. Meloy telling his tales.

But then something happened. I skipped to the next song and it was like I discovered a new band. The song that played was "Young Pilgrims" by The Shins. Now Im a Shins fan, as Richard has pointed out when discussing the fact that I probably hear James Mercer singing "We Will Become Silhouettes" rather than Mr. Gibbard, but its been a while since I actually listened to any of their stuff. This is going back to the 'taking for granted how much music we can carry' thing. This great band was (is) there the whole time and Ive just been so caught up in my newer music that I threw them on the back burner.

So heres what Im suggesting: grab your iPod, or cd player, or cassette deck, or whatever it is you kids use these days, and rediscover a song (or band) that you thought was the greatest thing since ever. I did it today by accident and its a nice feeling. Its like cleaning out your closet and finding your favorite shirt. Yeah, you know what Im talking about!

P.S. I figured I would post the song. :)

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