Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Stripes are always Whiter...

Per Brian's comment I just had to go check out Conan's last episode. I didnt know that it was his last or I would have gone out of my way to actually watch it live. Thank God for the internet.

Its not really a sad thing, hes only moving to a new time slot, but it did have that hint of sadness hidden in there. I dont know whether his band, writers, and other staff are coming with him to LA or not, so in that sense it was a farewell.

Conan is the Johnny Carson for our generation. Say what you want about Jay Leno and David Letterman. While theyre funny, I never really laughed watching their shows like I did Conan. They appeal more to the older late night crowd (if such a thing exists). Conan was just stupid enough to alienate the older crowd while, simultaneously gaining a huge following of us twenty somethings who stay up way too late.

As for The White Stripes, Im really glad they were there. Im 100% sure that Mr Jack White had a thousand other things he could, or had to, have been doing but, theyve built a relationship with Conan over the years and it showed. And, again, say what you will about Jack and Meg but it says a lot about a person (people) when they go out of their way to do something like that.

Ill definately miss the 12:35 to 1:35 timeslot version of Conan but, at the same time, Im looking forward to the new (improved?) version.

Thanks for the laughs you giant pale irishman.

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