Tuesday, May 26, 2009

...and what a trek it was.

I did it.

I really never thought I would. I had some moments leading up to it where I told myself I was crazy, but I did it and I only have one thing to say:


If youve even so much as seen a single episode of the old show (of which Ive seen many) youll pick up little things in the film that were common occurences in the show. Like the 'expendable' person that always wore red. All the characters lines are there, Scotty, of course, being the most fantastic. Speaking of, the people they cast in the rolls fit perfectly. I can now say I dont hate Mr. Bad-guy-in-heroes that played Spock as much as I used to. I still think hes rather hideous though, sorry ladies(?) Im mostly just referring to Simon Pegg, because everything he touches is comedy gold. I thought his australian accent in our favorite zombie video was good, then I heard his scottish accent and developed quite a large man-crush.

I just dont think I can recommend this movie highly enough. If I had a complaint it would be the story, as it was a bit hard to follow and moved a little quick in my opinion. The action is awesome, the dialogue is awesome, the action is awesome, Scotty is awesome, the action is awesome. Need I say more?

I bet youll like it, and yes, you really can take me up on that bet.

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