Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Iron and Wine?! Since when?!?!

Well since today, apparently.

I just happened to the browsing the ol' iTunes a few minutes ago and stumbled across this little jewel. I spotted a few covers right away which, in my mind, is always a good thing. "Such Great Heights" by your friends and mine in The Postal Service was the obvious one mostly because its amazing. The less obvious one was "Love Vigilantes" by New Order (an 80s band of all things) and its pretty fantastic. Im becoming more and more convinced that Sam Beam can do no wrong. Strange, because Im becoming convinced that a lot of my favorite bands are in the '_________ can do no wrong' category which leads me to believe I like some good bands.

Anyway, I highly recommend you all get this album (its $9.99 on iTunes and has 24 songs...24!!!), or you could be a jerk and steal it (not saying I havent stolen my fair share ;) ).

And Ill leave you with this:

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