Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's good music!

Over the past several weeks...I take that back.
Over the past several months I have been doing a bit of a study at work...I take that back.
Over the past several months I have been conducting a bit of an experiment at work. (thats got it)

There is a radio station here locally, 91.9, which I listen to frequently. I would go as far as to say 50% of the time. The other 50% being inhabited by our friends on WHAS.

(Id like to address that for a minute by the way.) When did I start listening to AM radio? AM radio is for old people that wake up at 7 am and listen to gardening shows! When did I stray in to that demographic?! but thats neither here nor there...

The first 50% of my radio listening is dominated by our friends at 91.9. The 'radio' I listen to at work isnt a part of this pie chart. As seen below:

As the graph clearly shows (because all data presented in graph form is clear and concise) I dont actually listen to the radio while at work. All of that, however, has started to change. Its gotten to the point that I can no longer simply drown out the sound of Pink telling me shes going to start a fight, or Jason Mraz telling me Im his. Ive had to throw the gauntlet down. So a few months ago I started changing the radio station to 91.9 from time to time. At first it didnt go over so well. "What is this crap we're listening to?!" "Who changed the station?!" As time has gone on, the objections seem to have died down a bit. I say a bit, but I really mean not much at all. It always comes from the same people too.

The middle-aged mom who loves country music.
The 20-something girl that enjoys her rap.
The older egyptian man who loves Kelly Clarkson.

I would say I dont understand how people can be so blindly opposed to different types of music, but Im blindly opposed to certain types of music. Im looking at you country.

This will be an ongoing experiment to be sure. Ive chipped away at the stubbornness of a few of my co-workers, and Im banking on the fact that more will follow suit. Ill keep you all updated (eventually).


Richard Peckinpaugh said...

This is what I did with Brad; I made a CD with a few of the best songs from all the different artists I listened to, I got feedback from what was tolerable to him, then I crammed that artists down his throat until he liked them.

He know thoroughly enjoys Death Cab, The Postal Service, and The Decemberists. He also liked Sigur Rós ON FIRST LISTEN.

Just wear them out with your persistence. Indie will possess their heart.

Joel Haubenreich said...

We have satellite radio at work, and it takes about an hour to cruise through the top 20. At hour three I'm about crazy. I like to switch it around to different things, and surprisingly the least complaints I've gotten is from the "top hits from the 1940s" station. I get plenty of "what is this?!" comments, but generally if I offer to change it, they say, "No, no, that's alright." My stories are awful. I'm stopping now.

Leah said...

The reason you listen to AM radio 50% of the time is because you have a wonderful mom who raised you right! Good job Kurty.

Brian said...

When I brought in Sufjan Stevens they told me they never knew I was into disco...