Thursday, March 5, 2009


I dont know if you all have any podcasts you follow (Richard listening to / watching one about Legos immediately springs to mind) but I have one to recommend.

Ive been following Diggnation for quite a while now. I used to watch our buddy Kevin Rose on The Screen Savers (best show to have ever been on TV in my honest opinion) and after he left he started some web series. He did 'The Broken' for a while, it was along the lines of hacking XBox's and ways to get free software. Then he started Diggnation. I take that back, he started Digg.

"Diggnation covers some of the hottest user-submited stories from the social news website, thats D-I double G dot com."

Basically what Im getting at here is this. If you dont follow a podcast, you should watch Diggnation (being a nerd helps in this situation so, Tabitha, you probably wont like it ^_^ ).

Heres the latest episode.

Also, Alex does another podcast called Project Lore you (Brian / Jeff) should check out. This one requires you to be even more nerdy (once again...Tabitha...(its Warcraft)).

Enjoy, or dont, its a free freakin country!

(Edited the post because of the mouse thing, you all know what Im talking about!)

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Richard Peckinpaugh said...

I wish there were lego podcasts, sadly all I listen to is Bill Simmons from