Friday, March 20, 2009

Fashion is Danger

I took a break from Decembering to bring you a new video from our friends Flight of the Conchords.  Im sad I dont have HBO which means I cant watch the new season, but that just means Ill have to get it on DVD whenever it comes out.

They make the 80's even more hilarious than it already was.

Posing...posing at the bar.
Posing...posing sitting down.
Posing...posing in the distance.
Posing...posing with my arm.
Posing...posing with my leg.
Posing...posing like a swan.
Posing...posing for a portrait.

(I love it!)


Anonymous said...

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Richard Peckinpaugh said...

Jeff Hardy is a regular reader of this blog which has a total of like 5 post. Interesting.

Brian said...

Richard you fool, that is because he is not just "a" regular reader of this blog. He IS regular reader of this blog. Its quite different.