Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You know you've done it...

I was on Digg earlier and I came across this headline:

It was one of those that you just have to click on so you can see if you really are guilty of said thing(s).

I have to say it was pretty accurate.  As the list counted down I became, almost laughably, more and more guilty.  Ill give you a quick run-down of my list.

#9:  I wouldnt be guilty of this, but it turns out I played (play actually) Fallout 3 and yes, I have recently started picking up every single thing I can find which isnt a small task.  You can pick up almost anything.  Coffee mugs, clip boards, baseball bats, pencils, portable launchers for nuclear warheads...anything.

#8: This one I am actually not guilty of, if only for the fact that Ive never played Animal Crossing.  Sorry.

#7:  Im not as guilty of this as some (Brian).  There were a few times I didnt have multiple saves while playing through a Final Fantasy and it came back to bite me.  There have been times, however, when Ive made sure to save it so I can go back and punch someone in the face and not have to pay the price.  :)

#6: YOU CANT JUST LEAVE THE GUNS LYING AROUND!!  Its free ammo!!! Of course Im going to pick it up!

#5: Oh yes yes yes.  Ive unloaded on my share of Metroid doors knowing full well they open with just one shot.

#4: Hahahahahahahaha....yes....just....yes....

#3: Honestly, who hasnt?

#2: This goes back to #6.  If its there Im going to pick it up, even if I have to use one of the same thing to do it Im going to pick it up.

#1: I have never been more guilty of anything.  I cant even begin to think about counting the number of boss doors Ive jumped through.  If you havent then you just havent lived.

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Richard Peckinpaugh said...

I have played mega man games from when I was like 5 years old until as recently as yesterday, and every single time I've faced a boss I have done the jump thing. EVERY SINGLE TIME.